Special issue in the journal of AD-minster

Journal of Ad-minster, indexed in many databases especially Emerging Source Citation list of Web of Sciences, previously supported the 1nd international conference of Research in Innovation and Technology with a special issue of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Service Economy.

This journal generously support for the 2nd Conference, with another special issue with title of Media Entrepreneurship in Web 3.0. Guest editors of this special issue are three members of the scientific board, Dr.Yashar Salamzadeh (Sains University Malaysia), Dr. Idongesit Williams (AAlborg University Denmark) and Dr. Somayeh Labafi (University of Tehran, Iran).

Conference papers with a theme within this special issue will be considered for publishing in this special issue. rigor reviews will be conducted to produce a special issue with high level of standards.

The conference organizers thank Prof.Dr.Maria Alejandra Gonzalez Perez, editor-in-chief of this journal for her strong and sincere support.

Read the call for paper in the journal’s website: http://publicaciones.eafit.edu.co/index.php/administer/announcement/view/94

See the previous special issue of the conference: http://publicaciones.eafit.edu.co/index.php/administer/issue/view/513

Download the special issue as a PDF outlet: